Our History

The History of Hodge Halsall Solicitors – practising law since 1892.

Hodge Halsall Solicitors was founded by Southport brothers, Wilmot and Reginald Hodge. The brothers both played an integral part in the community; supporting and providing quality legal advice to those who lived in the Southport and Liverpool areas. The elder of the brothers Wilmot, decided to set up his own law practise in 1892 and following in his footsteps was shortly joined by younger brother Reginald, in 1899. As the firm grew busier, the brothers decided to take on Articled Clerk Robert Halsall; who subsequently became partner and established the firm we can recognise today, W&R Hodge & Halsall. 

1907 saw an office move for the law firm from 30a London Street to 18 Hoghton Street, where Hodge Halsall have been ever since; right in the heart of Southport. The firm has always been heavily involved in the Southport community, with Wilmot playing for Southport Football Club, being a member of Southport Town Council, Captain of the Hesketh Golf Club and President of The Southport and Ormskirk Law Society; a post held by many of the firm’s Partners over the intervening years.

Over the years the firm has grown with its reputation both merging with other local firms and bringing on experienced partners such as Paul Leadsom, Gordon Hatton and Mark Robinson; who is our current Managing Partner – having worked here for the past 41 years.

Hodge Halsall is proud of its roots in Southport and remains as committed to them, as the Hodge brothers were back in the days when they first established the firm.